What We Do


Professional Testing: Our certified backflow technicians are highly trained and licensed in every jurisdiction we serve. In addition we use only the highest quality gauging equipment which are calibrated on a regulated schedule. Accurate testing is paramount for successful diagnostics of faulty RPZ and Double Check Valve assemblies. Incorrect readings could result in unnecessary and costly repairs.

Repairs:  As required by Maryland code our technicians are also licensed plumbers assuring you of professional service. Repair parts are costly and we are experts at getting it right the first time saving time and money. As for parts, we use only original manufacturers factory replacement components, assuring the right fit for your device.

The Paperwork
 From tagging the device in the field to the filing of  forms with your local agency, we handle it all. Year after year you can be assured that you are in compliance with all annual testing and reporting requirements. Our extensive database enables us to efficiently generate detailed reports on all your backflow devices as well as automatically inform you thirty days in advance of due test dates.

New Installations and Retrofits: Industrial, commercial or residential, we determine your backflow prevention needs and install the proper device. We also schedule and meet with local inspectors as required by law. Licensed in Md. Del. Va. and DC., we know your local codes.